About me

Hello Everyone! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Lisa and this blog is all about the art lines in everything we see every day. I love lines!  Lines in trees, houses, odd gates, old buildings & in the faces of the people around us.

My art teacher Mrs. Rose taught me to see the lines in everything.  She is the one who inspired me to become an artist & my Grandma Betty inspired me to become a crafter… so now I’m mixing both!

I live in Northern California with my two sons…Liam & Micah and our dog Charlie.   We are big crafters, artists, campers & nature lovers, bicycler’s, bug enthusiasts, backyard birders and beginning foodies.

From this fun full life, we gather our inspiration!  We will be showing that here on our blog.  We will be doing posts weekly on everyday lines, what new things we have learned, supply testing and our family adventures!

See you soon!

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