The Great Coloring Book Challenge continues…

Hello Everyone!

The Great Coloring Book Challenge continues…

I have added coloring in Johanna Basford‘s Lost Ocean An Inky Adventure & Coloring Book to the mix. I just couldn’t help myself… the ocean pictures were just too amazing!

This coloring book is just as detailed as her Secret Garden coloring book!

This one is full of wonderful creatures that live in the ocean. And I could just imagine all of the beautiful colors. It is a stunning coloring book.

I’ve started on the very first page and then bounced over to the fish in the kelp to color the little fish in blue and bright yellow.

Then over to the beautiful jellyfish. I used my gel glitter pens. This page I’m taking my time so I can get the colors & combinations just right.

Oh No! I just noticed that my bluefish was on the other side and my ink is showing through on my jellyfish page. What a bummer! Well, I guess I will have to switch to coloring with pencils or gel markers so it doesn’t show through anymore.

Looks like that is a good topic for another post…lol … what kinds of markers work on different kinds of paper and which ones show through and which ones don’t.

I’m working on the coloring books in the mornings before I head off to my day job. I am giving myself 10 minutes each morning. (sometimes I squeeze in an extra 10) It is my meditation time.

I found it helps to calm my mind and reflect. Then I start the day feeling much calmer and happier.

What do you do during your meditation time & how does it help you?

Take care,

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