Tin Can Camper Redo Pt. 2

Hello Everyone!

So this is the second part to our tin can camper redo.  We picked up “Flo” and did a bit of cleaning up on her and then took her all over that first year.  Then I noticed that there was sunlight coming through the floor on the front right side.

LOL… I was pretty sure that was not a good thing.  So I asked my boys’s dad (Sean) if he could come and take a look at it.  It looked like the floor was pretty rotted out from that front right corner all the way down to the closet.  The section by the door was really soft when you walked on it and we were pretty lucky that nobody had stepped right through the floor there.

So I had got some estimates on the cost to replace the floor and a few other spots on the camper.  YIKES! It was going to be about $3000-$5000 dollars and that didn’t include any surprise’s on the way.   AND whenever you start a remodel project you can always expect surprise’s along the way. :o) And I really didn’t have that kind of budget for the redo and I really wanted to learn how the camper was put together and do it myself.  Plus I had been wanting to learn some basic construction skills.

So I thought… Here was the perfect opportunity!!!

I asked Sean if he would be willing to teach the boys and I some basic construction skills and help us redo our vintage camper. :o)  He was so sweet and said yes!  And the kicker! I needed it done before my oldest sons 13th birthday! Ha ha ha… He we go take something you know nothing about and make it more challenging by adding a deadline!

So we got started!

We love demolition!  Liam just thought it was the best!  But we were smart and saved everything that could be saved and reused.

We found out that the floor is attached to the walls and the floor went in first and all of the framing, birch board, cabinetry then insulation and outside metal.  So it was like a can of worms once you open it…  it just expands!

So we got started on taking the front apart… there was a lot of water damage which is what caused the floor to rot out.  Looks like it was coming from the window in the front.  See all of the black parts… that is all rotten.





Here is what the front of the camper looks like now that we have taken everything off.  The floor was put in in three separate sheets.  The front, middle and back.  We are going to replace the front and middle.  We will tackle the back at another time since it was not as bad as the front.  We had to replace the middle because part of the middle was in the door way which was rotted out pretty bad.

Liam and I had a blast with the demo and Sean taught us how to use a reciprocating saw.  It will saw through just about anything!  We put blades on it that would saw through wood and metal.  Liam did really well!


Now we have the kitchenette out and we can get started on taking the floor out. Holy Moly! The floor was super hard to get out.  It had a ton of nails, carriage bolts and staples!  No wonder it was staying together!!!  The sawsall was awesome!  It will cut right through nasty rusted in carriage bolts.

While we were working on this and even before I actually got started I was watching restoration videos by Larry aka Mobiltec on Youtube.  He also has his own website:  http://www.cannedhamtrailers.com/

So if you are thinking of taking on a tin can camper restoration then you must watch his videos.

He is one of the very best guys to watch.  He shows you step by step and explains everything.  He totally makes you feel you can do it no matter what your skill level is.  And I found he inspired me to want to learn more and build my skills.


Here is Liam helping to remove nails from the old floor.



Taa Daa!!!  Now we have the new floor in and we are sealing the section where the two pieces go together.  We are trying to figure out what flooring we would like… vinyl hardwood or stick tiles.  I’m partial to the stick tiles, but we are still deciding.

Please stay tuned for the next half.


Take care,

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ * ♥ Lisa



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