Art Journaling & The Sketchbook Challenge all wrapped in one!

Hello Everyone!

Well I did it! I’m so excited! I started the Art Journal Everyday from Julie’s Blog. The goal is to start an art journal and take 10 minuets a day to do art in it. Plus at the same time I got this wonderful book The Scrapbook Challenge by Sue Bleiweiss. It’s about keeping a sketchbook. On page 29 it lists the rules:

  1. The only right way to keep a sketchbook is whatever way works for you. Keeping a sketchbook is not about creating a book of perfect pages. It’s about exploring new themes and experimenting with new tools or working with your favorites.
  2. We all have different skill sets and styles, and it doesn’t matter what yours is. It’s not about making your sketchbook look like the ones in this book or anyone else’s.
  3. And this is the most important rule: Have fun!

I thought how perfect! Here I have two wonderful resources to help me in my art journaling/scrapbook journey. What a fun way to improve my current skills and to learn new ones too. Plus I am taking some basic line drawing classes on Creative Bug. So I want to wrap all of these together and get started!


This is the type of journal I choose. It is a mixed media by Canson. It says you can use acrylic, watercolor, pen & pencil on it, 98 lb weight.

It has a bit of texture but not as much as watercolor paper but not as smooth at Bristol board. I really liked it!

I did a graphite sketch of the tree journal page by Carol Sloan. I just love her lines and it was similar to the way and feel of how I draw my winter trees. But this was a new process for me because I normally draw with Unibal Signo pens. They are really smooth and dark black. Pencil was a different feel. But I really enjoyed it and it felt like I was growing my skills and was on the right path. I know this is a journey but you want to feel like your moving in the right direction and not just spinning your wheels.

Carol Sloans tree journal page.

Carol Sloan’s tree journal page.

I just love her line work! Below is my sketch of her journal page…What do you think? I really enjoyed myself!



Well I’m off to do more journaling… Check out Julie’s Art Journaling Everyday post and don’t for get to pick up the The Scrapbook Challenge book and get started!!! I know you love it! :o)

Take care,

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