Everyday Lines 11.8.14

Hello Everyone!

Things have been busy here.  Cleaning up the garden for winter and trying to finish some projects by the end of the year so I can focus on my blog & online shops next year.  I really want to get them off the ground!

It has been a long time dream of mine to become a full time self supporting artist & crafter.

The kids & I have been talking about life after school and what do you want to be?

This really hit home when last week all of a sudden my oldest son had to have surgery.  It’s very scary and tons of questions and thoughts go through your mind while your sitting in the waiting room.  Thoughts of the future especially.

We all agreed during our talk that you must have a job that is fun! You have to be there a huge part of your life so you should pick something fun that you enjoy going to.

My oldest son want to be a creative engineer of some kind… he would love to design house on his computer.  He has a wonderful logical, literal, organize and creative mind.  Its amazing to watch him think and work out a problem.

My younger son is a fly by the seat of your pants person.  Very creative, spontaneous and very hands on.  He loves nature, wood, gardening and rocks… loves loves loves rocks!  He brings them home all of the time.  We have discussed him becoming a geologist.

It’s amazing to watch them grow and think about what they would like to do with their lives.  Children are truly a gift.  They remind us to see the little things and take joy in everything around you. :o)

Hope your family is well.  And take a minute to tell them you love them!  Stop and enjoy the little things in your life. :o)

Take care,

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Waterfall in the Healing Garden @ the hospital.

Waterfall in the Healing Garden @ the hospital.


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