Tin Can Camper Redo

Hello Everyone!

Happy Sunday!  Well we finally started work on our tin can camper. YAY!  I have been wanting one forever! She is all white with a couch that pulls out into a full size bed and a twin that folds down to create bunk beds. She has a small kitchen with a gas stove that is a teal blue/green color which matches the icebox… and yes I said icebox… How cool is that!  We are still working on the dinette… looks like along the way someone took out the table and the bench seat to put in one long table… So we are going to put it back to an original dinette so we have a place to play board games…

The floor was an icky yellow lino and the brackets on the cabinets were burgundy…. Mmmm not my first color choices…lol…

So I spray painted the brackets silver and I found some great floor tiles that you can peel and stick… not too difficult, now I just have to put baseboard down and it matches with the white walls and silver brackets… then we tried to glue up maps to the walls to create a kind of wall paper… YIKES! Not so great… the kids agreed maybe we should get some cream grassy type of wallpaper.  Love Lowe’s! I found exactly what we were looking for plus we found a picture that is our motto from here on out and it matches perfectly!

So we are going to continue on in the redo of the tin can camper a little bit at a time meanwhile going on camping trips in between…

IMG_3057IMG_3052 IMG_3051IMG_3059 IMG_3058 IMG_3061 IMG_3062

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