It’s March Already!

Hello Everyone!


Can you believe it is March ALREADY! I thought it was the beginning of the year, but here we are moving along into the 3rd month.  But I must say I’m really excited about spring this year.  We are going to have a big garden!  And I have this new house that has amazing flower/garden beds and we are going to totally use every bit of them. :O)

Plus we are going to do a lot of biking and the new area we are in is perfect for it.  The city is making the streets more bike friendly, but then again it could just be this part of town…lol  I notice out here where we moved to everyone is a lot more outdoorsy… You see lots of people everyday no matter the weather out walking, walking their dogs and biking.  It is really inspiring!  I’m going to completely rearrange my time so that biking is a big part of it plus it makes you feel great and I get to see so many lines everywhere!  I’ll get tons of pics and share them with you. :O)

What are your plans for this spring?  Please share them with us!

Here are some great pics of lines I saw this week…

Some I saw while out and about and others I spotted on the internet…

The beautiful rope railing pic is from Misty Tosh’s houseboat renovation…  I read about it on  Her place is amazing!  That is what you call a dream home!  I hope to have something similar someday. :O)

The house on the water pic I found on Pinterest… I’m sorry I don’t know who originally posted it.  I was looking at houses on the water and some really beautiful homes popped up… I could do a ton of posts on those!

The lines are just gorgeous on homes on the water don’t get me wrong I love homes on land too and old buildings & old gates and barns and fences and cars …. lol

But homes on the water look so peaceful…

Anyhoo… Hope you have a lovely weekend!  Please share the pics of lines you saw this week.

IMG_2976 IMG_2974 IMG_2970 IMG_29801495114_HM_houseboat_remodel _RRDIMG_2061


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